Prolonging the life of your new soft top

To prolong the life of you car hood, you should always store the car with the hood up, never leave your soft top down when it is wet, as mould and shrinkage will occur.

Other maintenance tips include:

  • Keep your new soft top in the CLOSED position for a minimum of two days to allow the material to stretch to the correct tension.
  • NEVER use a jet wash/car wash to clean the soft top.
  • NEVER store the soft top in the open position for long periods of time or when the soft top is wet.
  • Avoid long periods of inactivity of the mechanism as this can cause the frame to seize.
  • If you have a VINYL soft top – Clean with a soft damp cloth using diluted mild detergent such as washing up liquid.
  • If you have a MOHAIR soft top – Clean with a soft clothes brush to remove the dust and use a damp cloth diluted mild detergent such as washing up liquid to remove stains.

And finally……never use a cloth containing lint to clean a mohair soft top as this is the result!!




Audi A4 Convertible

A common problem with the Audi A4 hood is the rear window glass bonding fails leaving you with a gap between the hood material and the glass.  Unfortunately there is no permanent solution available other than a new hood.

We can supply and fit an original specification mohair hood with heated glass rear window for £845 including VAT, a 1 year guarantee on parts and labour plus a lifetime guarantee on the rear glass bonding (for as long as you own the car).

We also offer a mobile fitting service within South East England and fees vary depending on your location.