Quick Car Hood Fitting Facts

Quick Car Hood Fitting Facts

Fitting hoods is something the team at Car Hood does every single day. So we thought you might like to know some “Quick Fitting Facts” about what we do…

The average soft top takes 4 hours to fit, although…

  • NissanFigaro-WebThe quickest hood to fit is a Nissan Figaro at 1 hour (Phew!)
  • The longest hood to fit is a VW Beetle 1303 which can take up to 5 days
  • The easiest hood to fit is a Mazda MX5
  • The hardest hood to fit is an Audi A3 and A5
  • We cannot fit vinyl hoods in the winter months on a mobile basis as the material will not stretch enough – our little hoods like to be kept warm!
  • We fit over 120 hoods per month (another Phew!)


To find out more about the hoods we fit then check out our Find Your Hood page or if you need a new hood fitting then just get in touch for a friendly quote. 🙂

Car Hood gets its hand on a rare Jaguar Lister!

Car Hood gets its hand on a rare Jaguar Lister!

Having recently fitted our 17th Jaguar XJS car hood this year, we were understandably a little bit excited about this one: a Jaguar Lister “Le Mans” convertible, that came in needing a new hood.

This sports version of the traditional XJS chassis was designed by Lister and is considered to be a bit of a “hot ticket” car, with some of the early 90s versions selling in excess of £150,000.

The rarity of this car did not deter the Car Hood team and we applied our usual diligence and passion for convertible cars. Here’s how we did it:

Day 1: Our windscreen specialist removes the rear window. This part is only available from Jaguar therefore it is very important that this part of the process is done carefully!

Day 2: Our “hood team” stripped off the old hood and headliner, attended to any seized joints and bolts, lubricated the frame, refurbished the internal padding, then fitted the new Haartz mohair soft top and reinforced foam back material headliner.

Day 3: Our windscreen specialist is back on the job bonding the rear window back in. Et viola! Good as new…

The job was done in three days for only £1,150 including VAT.


If you have a rare, classic, high value sports or American car you need a new hood for then please get in touch with us.

Call us on 0208 391 5324 / 5326 or use our contact form.

Fun Facts About Car Hood Warehouse

Fun Facts About Car Hood Warehouse

We have been incredibly busy this year and it’s put us in a lively (if not a little tired) mood! So we thought you might like to know a little bit about us…

Car Hood Warehouse is a family run business established over 20 years ago. We provide our convertible hood replacement service from our premises in Chessington, Surrey. We also offer a mobile fitting service to customers in London and across the South East of England.


  • Replaced approx. 20,000 car hoods in 20 years
  • Manufactured over 15,000 hoods at our premises in Surrey
  • Currently supply and fit hoods on over 70 models of convertible car
  • Most popular convertible models we see are the Honda S2000, Porsche Boxster and Mazda MX5
  • The most popular hood colour change is from black to burgundy

At Car Hood our team of 7 takes great pride in what we do. This, plus our years of experience and our desire to have happy customers, is what makes us the UK’s No.1 manufacturer, supplier and fitter of car hoods.


If you would like to know even more about us here at Car Hood Warehouse then click here.