Hi Tina,

I was at your premises this morning and feel compelled to drop you a note to say a huge THANK YOU for the amazing service I have received all round from the entire team at Car Hood Warehouse. The response from yourself was extremely swift and left nothing to question in terms of how long the job was going to take and cost. When I called in yesterday to book a slot I was amazed (and extremely pleased) to be given the option of bringing my car in early the following day, I was expecting to have to wait for a week or two before my rear window could be replaced.

To top it off what a fantastic, helpful and very professional gentleman Tyrone is (I believe this was the fitter who met me in the morning and carried out the work on my Z3). I work myself within a large customer service team and we pride ourselves on the awards we have won over the years with the service we provide to our end customers. All I can say is that I am glad we are not in the car hood business – otherwise we would certainly get a run for our money from all of you guys !

Thank you all  once again – I will most certainly be promoting your services and returning again (just hopefully not too soon).

Have a wonderful day,