We have many customers call in to our premises with their convertible cars for help and advice. In fact, we welcome visitors at our convenient location just off the M25 in Surrey.

However, recently we have had two customers, one with a BMW E46 and one with an Audi TT, with damage to their car hood resulting from visiting their local carwash. In both cases a high pressure jet wash had been used directly on their soft tops in an attempt to clean the hoods.

These high pressure hoses had blasted the material of their hoods apart causing the cars to leak. It is essential that you do not allow high pressure jet washes to be used on your convertible hood.

At Car Hood Warehouse we recommend you only use a low pressure hose to rinse off your hood when washing your car. In both of these cases we were able to replace the hoods at a very reasonable price.

So go careful with those high pressure jet washes on your prized drop top!