Although we import many of our soft tops from the American companies such as Robbins Auto Tops and GAHH, we still manufacture 22 types of soft tops.

Blog-100616-Image-2Recently our most popular hoods have been the Ford Escort and VW Golf as these cars are going up in value. We also manufacture convertible hoods Mazdas, TVRs and Alfas to name but a few.

We manufacture on average over 100 hoods every month. They are cut out on our digital cutting bed then hand finished using various methods such as sewing and heat welding. We manufacture hoods using vinyl and two types of Haartz mohair: Stayfast & Twillfast.

You might be interested to know that one of our team used to work for Rolls Royce and another used to make saddles for the Queen’s horses!


So if you have a convertible car and need a new hood for it, you know you’ll be in very safe hands!

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