5 Reasons why you should never fit your own car hood

5 Reasons why you should never fit your own car hood

We know… You’re trying to save money, and a new hood for your beloved convertible car is not the cheapest of things. And then you add on the cost of getting it fitted!

It’s a story we are all too familiar with. There are plenty of tips and tricks on the Internet on how to fit your own car hood, just as there are plenty of companies you can buy a car hood from with the view to fitting it yourself. On the face of it, you have saved some money and you have the instructions at your fingertips.

Not so. As professional car hood fitters, with years of experience, we have seen the pitfalls of trying to fit a car hood yourself. We don’t supply just a car hood to retail customers precisely because we know how hard it is to fit a car hood, if you don’t know what you are doing. So if you are thinking about taking this route, we encourage you to think again.

And here are FIVE reasons why you should never try to fit a car hood yourself:


1. You could inadvertently cause further damage to your beloved convertible. Because step one – you have to take the damaged or old hood off. This is a job in itself!

2. You absolutely need the right tools and the right adhesives to make the job work. These are not easily available and if you do manage to get hold of the right stuff you might not use it correctly.

3. Lost fixings can put a scupper on the whole thing. When taking off your old or damaged car hood it’s so easy to misplace or lose the tiny, fiddly fixings used. If you do lose a fixing or two, and especially with older cars, you may not be able to replace them and bingo! You have no hood to fit and no car to drive.

4. There are no guarantees when you try to fit your own hood. You do a bad job and that’s your bad luck. If you get your convertible hood fitted by experts, with experience, not only do you get peace of mind that they will do a great job (and pretty quickly too) but with us you get a warranty as well.

5. Some hoods are more complicated than others. As experts , we can fit most makes of hoods in a few hours, some as quick as three. That’s with all the years of experience we have. Some do take a bit longer but one thing we can guarantee – it will take you MUCH MUCH more time than a few hours to fit your own hood. Instead of spending half a day or so in our car hood warehouse, your soft top could be off the road for days or even weeks (especially if you get into a fix).


Or one more thing (we know we said FIVE reasons but this one is a goodie), when all is said and done and you factor in the time it could take, the potential damage you could cause and potential lost parts meaning no hood at all, you really should never fit a car hood yourself.

At Car Hood Warehouse, our prices are for the supply and fit of your new convertible hood. Even then we are very competitive and on top of that you get a warranty on your hood and the best customer service in the industry!


If you fancy a chat about getting your new car hood fitted, then just give us a call on 020 8391 5324 or 5326. We are a friendly team, who want to help fill the world with one beautiful car hood at a time.

The Car Hood Team’s Convertible Top Ten

The Car Hood Team’s Convertible Top Ten

We LOVE convertibles! Which is pretty handy as that’s what we do day in, day out.

Every day we speak to people just like us (our customers – YOU!) who truly appreciate the beauty of a stunning soft top! So we thought we’d share with you our Top Ten Convertibles.

  1. Mazda MX5 – This our Director Nick’s favourite ‘’this is a classic roadster which is reliable and great fun to drive, not to mention one of the most popular convertibles ever made’’ .
  2. Porsche 911
  3. Honda S2000
  4. Alfa Spider 1971-94 – This is our Director Dave’s favourite ‘’great styling, easy to operate and it looks stunning with the soft top open or closed’’.
  5. Porsche Boxster
  6. Toyota MR2
  7. Jaguar XKR – This is our fitter Tyrone’s favourite ‘’such a stylish powerful car’’.
  8. Nissan 350Z
  9. Audi TT – This is our office manager Tina’s favourite ‘’I love the look of the TT and it’s so much fun to drive with the hood open on a sunny day’’.
  10. Mini

We’d LOVE to know what your favourite convertible is – do you agree with our list or would something else be your number 1? Why not share with us what and why?


If you’d like to speak to us about getting a new top for your own favourite convertible then give us a call on 020 8391 5324 or 5236 or complete out our contact form here.

What’s your favourite colour (of hood)?

What’s your favourite colour (of hood)?

One of our most popular colours of hoods we supply and fit is burgundy.

Of course we offer other colours to choose from for your new soft top: blue, black and beige, but by far and away our customer favourite is now burgundy. Take a look at some of these pictures and see how well it goes with a variety of body colours.

If you would like to know more about the range of convertible car hoods that we offer then please get in touch by calling 020 8391 5324 or 5326. Or you can get in touch here.

Goodbye Sun Hello New Soft Top!

Goodbye Sun Hello New Soft Top!

You would think being the replacement convertible roof business that winter is a quiet time for us?

Wrong! Although things do slow down a little we find that many of our customers don’t want to go into Winter with a hood that’s past its best. So we thought we would let you know about our booking procedures for getting your soft top replaced.

So here’s how it works…

  1. You can make a booking by emailing info@carhood.com or calling us on 020 8391 5326 / 5324 and we will give you the total price, availability and timescale to replace your soft top.
  2. Our booking times between October to March are approximately 1-2 weeks and between April to September 2-3 weeks.  Most soft tops take around 4 hours to fit but models such as Mercedes, Jaguar and Saab can take a whole day but we can advise you of the timescales when you contact us.
  3. Once your booking has been made we make sure your new soft top is allocated for the date of your booking, we will also contact you 1-2 days prior to your booking to confirm everything’s in place.
  4. Before we remove the old soft top we check the car over for any issues such as perished seals, handles etc and we will advise you accordingly.
  5. Once the job is completed we will contact you to collect your vehicle or you are welcome to collect the next day if this is more convenient for you, we have a secure unit with 24-hour security.
  6. Your keys are locked away securely until you arrive and we provide an information card which tells you all you need to know about maintaining your new soft top.
  7. We are confident that you will be happy with your new soft top and if you get the time we would be grateful for feedback via our Facebook page via email!


So if you are thinking about replacing your soft top this winter why not give us a call? 020 8391 5326 or 5324.

We do more than fit car hoods – we make them too!

We do more than fit car hoods – we make them too!

Although we import many of our soft tops from the American companies such as Robbins Auto Tops and GAHH, we still manufacture 22 types of soft tops.

Blog-100616-Image-2Recently our most popular hoods have been the Ford Escort and VW Golf as these cars are going up in value. We also manufacture convertible hoods Mazdas, TVRs and Alfas to name but a few.

We manufacture on average over 100 hoods every month. They are cut out on our digital cutting bed then hand finished using various methods such as sewing and heat welding. We manufacture hoods using vinyl and two types of Haartz mohair: Stayfast & Twillfast.

You might be interested to know that one of our team used to work for Rolls Royce and another used to make saddles for the Queen’s horses!


So if you have a convertible car and need a new hood for it, you know you’ll be in very safe hands!

Get in touch or give us a call on 020 8391 5324 to discuss your requirements.

Meet the Car Hood Team of Fitters

Meet the Car Hood Team of Fitters

At Car Hood Warehouse we have been manufacturing, supplying and fitting soft tops for over 20 years

And our team of fitters are very experienced and their collective knowledge means we can cater for a large range of makes and models of convertible cars. So we thought we’d introduce our team to you properly…


HondaS2000A-WebTyrone is very knowledgeable with the BMW E36, Honda S2000 and Porsche Boxster.  He knows all there is about the certain faults with each model and what advice to give to customers on how to deal with any issues. He’s also our main mobile fitter as he loves to get out and about.


Brian does all our hood fits from the Mercedes range and the Jaguars. These more classic cars have sometimes been sitting in a garage or barn for a long time and it’s not unheard of for us to get a few unwanted guests such as spiders and evidence of mice that have been living inside the hood!


David, just like the cars he loves to deal with, is our “old classic” and our highly experienced Beetle specialist. He can transform even the most run down Beetle to look its best again and he has a real passion for the big American cars.


Nick is our Mazda guy, he could probably fit one with his eyes closed he’s done so many of these but he is also very well versed in lots of other makes and models too.

Car-Hood-Fitters-1These are just a few of the makes and models our team deals with on a regular basis, but as you can imagine, after 20 years (and yes this is pretty much the original Car Hood team!) we cover almost any convertible car you would care to name – well nearly.

For a complete list of the makes and models we can supply and fit just take a look at our Find Your Car Hood page.

Oh and one more thing… as well as proving a supply and fit service to our personal customers, we also supply car hoods to the trade throughout the UK and therefore, if you can’t come to us, we can recommend a trusted fitter for you.


If you would like to know more about our team, the hoods we supply and fit or anything else then please get in touch.