Having been in the car hood manufacturing, supplying and fitting business for over 20 years, we have pretty much seen it all and sorted out a high variety of convertible roof problems.

poodle-289007_640Aside from wear & tear or accidents, one of the biggest issues we hear about from our customers is their previous experiences with other car hood companies.

So we have some really simple advice for anyone considering or needing to replace their car hood:

1. Never buy from a company who doesn’t offer a fitting service.

Fitting a car hood is not easy – no matter how many pages of “simple to do” instructions your supplier is going to give you.

Many of our customers come to us with this exact problem – they thought they were saving money by fitting it themselves and then find out it’s not as simple as they thought.

We’ve been fitting car hoods every day for over 20 years – there’s not much we don’t know. Plus we take great pride in what we do and making sure our customers are completely satisfied.


2. Make sure you have the option to visit the car hood supplier’s premises and view your new hood prior to buying it.

This does two things for you. One you can see exactly what you are buying and, two, you can see exactly who you are buying it from.

Any company that doesn’t have proper fitting premises that you are welcome to visit should be avoided. We encourage our customers to visit us and see where we make and fit our car hoods. Of course, there’s also our customer room, where you can wait in comfort while we fit you chosen car hood. We even give you free wifi while you’re here.


3. Make sure the hood comes with a guarantee.

It’s simple. If your new convertible hood doesn’t come with a guarantee – don’t buy it. We offer a no quibble, 12-month guarantee on all of our fitted hoods, so you can buy in confidence.


If you would like to know more about our hoods, our fitting service or would like to take a look round our premises then please get in touch on 0208 391 5324 or email us on info@carhood.com.