You would think being the replacement convertible roof business that winter is a quiet time for us?

Wrong! Although things do slow down a little we find that many of our customers don’t want to go into Winter with a hood that’s past its best. So we thought we would let you know about our booking procedures for getting your soft top replaced.

So here’s how it works…

  1. You can make a booking by emailing or calling us on 020 8391 5326 / 5324 and we will give you the total price, availability and timescale to replace your soft top.
  2. Our booking times between October to March are approximately 1-2 weeks and between April to September 2-3 weeks.  Most soft tops take around 4 hours to fit but models such as Mercedes, Jaguar and Saab can take a whole day but we can advise you of the timescales when you contact us.
  3. Once your booking has been made we make sure your new soft top is allocated for the date of your booking, we will also contact you 1-2 days prior to your booking to confirm everything’s in place.
  4. Before we remove the old soft top we check the car over for any issues such as perished seals, handles etc and we will advise you accordingly.
  5. Once the job is completed we will contact you to collect your vehicle or you are welcome to collect the next day if this is more convenient for you, we have a secure unit with 24-hour security.
  6. Your keys are locked away securely until you arrive and we provide an information card which tells you all you need to know about maintaining your new soft top.
  7. We are confident that you will be happy with your new soft top and if you get the time we would be grateful for feedback via our Facebook page via email!


So if you are thinking about replacing your soft top this winter why not give us a call? 020 8391 5326 or 5324.