Unless you’re a real die-hard convertible maniac, your hood won’t have been down much these last few weeks. But you can still love your convertible car even if it’s too cold to really enjoy it.


During the colder months most convertibles will experience condensation whereby there will be water droplets on the underside of the hood fabric. Because of this we see a lot of car hoods come in for replacement because they have just gotten too mouldy to clean properly or effectively.

So here are some simple (yet often neglected) tips for you to keep your car hood looking like new.

  1. If you can keep your car inside then do. But if you have a garage that’s not full of stuff we’d be most impressed.
  2. If you can’t keep your soft top inside, then an insulating cover might be an idea, especially if you’re not using your convertible every day. but make sure it’s breathable or it’ll make the mould problem worse.
  3. Take advantage of any warmer weather before winter really hits and dry your car as thoroughly as you can.
  4. During winter take a super-absorbent cloth and wipe down the inside or your hood once a week or as often as you can.
  5. If you are giving your car clean and valet, then once you have hovered, get a hairdryer and give the inside of the hood the once over. DON’T put the heat too close to the fabric or you could damage it.
  6. Use your heater as much as you can when driving in the winter – this is easiest (and nicest) tip we think…

It sounds like a lot of palaver (we know) but if you want to keep your car hood in tip top condition then this kind of convertible love and care is really important.

On the flip side if you like to pop a new roof on every couple of years or so (and we won’t complain if you do) – then go ahead and just leave it be. ☺

Finally, if your car hood is looking a little worse for wear then get in touch and see how much it would cost to replace it. It might not be as much as you think and, according to our customers, the results are outstanding.

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