Fitting hoods is something the team at Car Hood does every single day. So we thought you might like to know some “Quick Fitting Facts” about what we do…

The average soft top takes 4 hours to fit, although…

  • NissanFigaro-WebThe quickest hood to fit is a Nissan Figaro at 1 hour (Phew!)
  • The longest hood to fit is a VW Beetle 1303 which can take up to 5 days
  • The easiest hood to fit is a Mazda MX5
  • The hardest hood to fit is an Audi A3 and A5
  • We cannot fit vinyl hoods in the winter months on a mobile basis as the material will not stretch enough – our little hoods like to be kept warm!
  • We fit over 120 hoods per month (another Phew!)


To find out more about the hoods we fit then check out our Find Your Hood page or if you need a new hood fitting then just get in touch for a friendly quote. 🙂