Having recently fitted our 17th Jaguar XJS car hood this year, we were understandably a little bit excited about this one: a Jaguar Lister “Le Mans” convertible, that came in needing a new hood.

This sports version of the traditional XJS chassis was designed by Lister and is considered to be a bit of a “hot ticket” car, with some of the early 90s versions selling in excess of £150,000.

The rarity of this car did not deter the Car Hood team and we applied our usual diligence and passion for convertible cars. Here’s how we did it:

Day 1: Our windscreen specialist removes the rear window. This part is only available from Jaguar therefore it is very important that this part of the process is done carefully!

Day 2: Our “hood team” stripped off the old hood and headliner, attended to any seized joints and bolts, lubricated the frame, refurbished the internal padding, then fitted the new Haartz mohair soft top and reinforced foam back material headliner.

Day 3: Our windscreen specialist is back on the job bonding the rear window back in. Et viola! Good as new…

The job was done in three days for only £1,150 including VAT.


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