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Which MX5 soft top do you have?

Your Mazda MX5 Convertible

At Car Hood Warehouse we provide new car hoods for the Mk1, Mk2 and Mk3 Mazda MX5 in vinyl or mohair fabric. Any member of our experienced and friendly team will be able to determine which version of the Mazda MX5 you have or you can check the information below.

The first thing to check is when your car was made.

The Mark 1 was built between 1989-1997 (some were registered in 1998), the Mark 2 between 1998-2005 and the Mark 3 from 2005 onwards.

The second way to see which type of Mazda MX5 you have is to look at the design of the car. The Mk1s have pop-up front lights and came with vinyl hoods and plastic rear windows. at Car Hood we can replace your Mk1 hood with a plastic rear window or we can upgrade your hood to have a glass window. Like all of our glass windows, it is protected by our 12-month guarantee.

The Mk2s have fixed front lights and came with hoods with heated glass rear windows. A slightly “facelifted” version of the Mk2 was brought out in 2000 but the hoods are the same and like the other marks we can supply a new convertible hood for this version.

The Mk3s also have the fixed front lights and have a similar body shape to the Mk2 but are in essence a different model of the car and again these all came with the heated rear windows.

If you would like to talk to one of our team about a new convertible hood for your Mazda MX5 then please call us on 020 8391 5324 / 5326.

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