Porsche Car Hoods

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Porsche Car Hoods

Porsche997glass-WebWhen main dealers and Porsche specialists need a new hood on their customers cars they turn to Car Hood Warehouse. They know the quality of our products and our service is second to none.

One of our most popular hoods is the Porsche Boxster glass window PorscheBoxster-Webconversion supplied and fitted for only £695 including VAT.

This hood has a heated glass rear window manufactured using a superior window bonding system which comes with a lifetime guarantee to eliminate window bond failure, this hood is probably the best glass conversion hood available on the market today.

Porsche Car Hoods Pricing

Please note: Prices include VAT; but exclude delivery and call out fees.

Year Description Supply & Fit
1983-94 Porsche 911 Hood (Mohair) POA
1990-95 Porsche 944/968 Hood (Mohair) & Window POA
1990-95 Porsche 944/968 Headliner N/A
1990-95 Porsche 944/968 Hood (Mohair) & Headliner POA
1995-98 Porsche 993 Hood (Mohair) POA
1998-01 Porsche 996 Hood (Mohair) – Plastic Window £995
1999-01 Porsche 996 Hood (Mohair) – Glass Window £1200
2002-08 Porsche 996/997 Hood (Mohair) £1120
2002-08 Porsche 997 Hood (Mohair) £1120
2009-12 Porsche 997 Hood (Mohair) £1275
1997-02 Porsche (986) Boxster Hood (Mohair) – Plastic Window £560
1997-02 Porsche (986) Boxster Hood (Mohair) – Glass Window £695
2000-02 Porsche (986) Boxster Headliner N/A
2000-02 Porsche (986) Boxster Hood (Mohair) & Headliner – Plastic Window POA
2000-02 Porsche (986) Boxster Hood (Mohair) & Headliner – Glass Window POA
2003-04 Porsche Boxster (986) Hood (Mohair) £760
2003-04 Porsche Boxster (986) Headliner N/A
2003-04 Porsche Boxster (986) Hood (Mohair) & Headliner £1200
2005-12 Porsche (987) Boxster Hood (Mohair) Please Enquire
2005-12 Porsche (987) Boxster Headliner N/A
2005-12 Porsche (987) Boxster Hood (Mohair) & Headliner Please Enquire

Please note: Prices include VAT; but exclude delivery and call out fees.

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