Here at Car Hood Warehouse our telephone sales staff get many enquiries about waterproofing or re-colouring of mohair hoods on their cabriolets and convertibles.

There are a few products advertised on the internet claiming to re-proof or restore the colour of mohair hoods. Our advice is always NOT to use any of these products as mis-application can virtually ruin the look of a mohair hood.

Indeed we have, this year alone, had to replace the hoods on a Porsche 996, Audi TT and BMW E46 (3 series) because of the use of these products. The truth is that a mohair hood even in just reasonable condition should never need "re-proofing" as it is almost impossible for waterr to pass through mohair material.

Some convertible car owners make the mistake of assuming that condensation forming overnight on the inside of their hood is a sign of their hood leaking through the material. The answer is to allow the inside of the car to dry thoroughly. This could be a long process if water has soaked into the carpets and floor soundproofing.

Most re-colouring methods usually leave the nice mohair hood looking like a poor quality vinyl and more often than not leave an owner needing to replace the hood.

If you are in any doubt about your hood or soft-top contact our sales staff at Car Hood Warehouse for help and further advice.